The Essence of Connection – Social media’s universal truth

From You Can Heal Your Life website: Shining a light on what we already share. Dave Carroll, creator of one of YouTube’s all-time most popular music videos, “United Breaks Guitars,” discusses how the power of one voice in the age of social media can awaken individuals and corporations all over the globe.

Excerpted from United Breaks Guitars by Dave Carroll. Copyright ©2012 (Hay House). United Breaks Guitars – The power of one voice in the age of social media

When you’re faced with a universal truth, there’s no confrontation or argument, because there is no other side to defend against. It’s something everyone can agree with, and a confrontation requires at least one opposing side. Combining catchy lyrics, upbeat music, and fun images made for a powerful communications tool, but the essence of connection in my message was universal in its appeal. That was the key!

Here’s where I think this gets really interesting. If you accept that people long to experience connections with others, the bigger question then becomes: Why do they long to do that? Could you say that things like my video actually form those connections? I don’t think so. I don’t believe that my video created bonds between people where none had existed before. The answer has to be bigger than that, and here is what I’ve come to understand.

We don’t just long for connection. I believe that all people are connected with each other as a natural state of being and that this bond doesn’t need to be fabricated. It already exists and always has. We are connected, and we long to feel more of that natural connection with each other.


Likewise, social media allows us to satisfy an urge to share our experiences with others and serves to allow us to experience what others wish to share with us. To say that Facebook is a source of our connection, I think, is wrong and misses the mark. Facebook and all the other social-media platforms simply let us experience our connectedness, and this subtle difference carries massive implications.

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