The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution – London, August 2012

For someone who can’t get excited about the event of the moment in London – the Olympic games – I suddenly felt a rush of excitement on coming across the Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution, next August bank holiday weekend, 25th, 26th and 27th. “The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution is a series of inspirational lectures from world teachers who are pushing the frontiers of science and spirituality to bring a new world view into light”, the website says, and I am happy to see professor in the physics and quantum activist Amit Goswami among the speakers, with a talk entitled “The Quantum Doctor: a new paradigm of health and healing”:

Bridging Quantum science with the quantum body. Practices and integration that bring Self-Awareness in the World. If any field needs new direction, medicine does. It’s most popular model, allopathy, leaves most of the human condition out and accepts blindly the everything-is-matter dogma of scientific materialism. Meanwhile our medical costs skyrocket. In this lecture, quantum physicist Amit Goswami will introduce an integrative medicine that unifies allopathy and all the alternative medicine practices that treat the non-material aspects of the human condition. In Goswami’s vision healing is “appropriately” holistic, not just a cure for symptoms. And because of the emphasis on alternative medicine whenever appropriate, the cost of medicine is much reduced. The medicine of the future empowers people and encourages prevention at the same time.

Exactly the type of lecture I’d like to hear!

Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution

Update 26/07: As I was trying to resist the temptation to book my £150 ticket, telling myself that I have spent too much money since last month going to a [fantastic] Psychosynthesis Conference in Rome and giving myself permission not to worry about money during a week holidays in Kenya after the Global Voices Summit, the postman brings me a nice letter from HM Revenue & Customs with a £800 check for tax I have overpaid in the year 2006/2007. That is what I call the perfect synchronicity, if not a message from the universe.

Update 22/08: the program:

German Biophysicist Dieter Broers’ documentary (R)EVOLUTION 2012 will make a UK premiere. There will be also a Question and Answer session by Christian Köhlert and a talk by Dieter Broers, the film’s directors. Based on NASA research, the documentary examined the effect of solar rays on our everyday consciousness – the connection between the activity of the sun, the changes it produces in the earth’s geomagnetic field, and our psyche.

Saturday 25th August
09:30-10:45 Dr Leonard Horowitz – Generating World Peace and Prosperity:”Medicinal Music and the 528LOVERevolution”
11:15-12:45 Dr Marco Bischof – Biophoton Research and the New Participative Worldview
14:15-16:30 Dr Amit Goswami – The Quantum Doctor: a new paradigm of health and healing
17:00-19:30 SNEAK PREVIEW OF SOLAR REVOLUTION the plus a talk by Dieter Broers

Sunday 26th August
09:30-12:00 Amoda Maa Jeevan – RADICAL AWAKENING: The Birth of a New Humanity
13:45-16:15 Zulma Reyo – The Feminine Principle
17:45-1900 Master Chrism – Kundalini Awakening – Awakening the Inner Divine

Monday 27th August
09:30-12:00 Dr Baskaran Pillai – The Lightbody
13:45-19:00 Drs JJ and Desiree Hurtak – The Powers of Quantum Mind, Quantum Spirit


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