Revolution Evolution

I am quite curious to watch Dieter Broers’ documentary – [R]evolution 2012 – Revolution Evolution 2012 – said to be based on scientific research and documentation from NASA that explains the connection between the activity of the sun, the changes it produces in the earth’s geomagnetic field, and our psyche. The film brings together research with the conclusions of scientists of different special fields, who “grasp the actual connection of mind and matter – a connection which enables us to understand the sense of our existence and demonstrates that we are immortal beings with an unlimited creative potential”. And more:

NASA has warned repeatedly of a so-called solar activity maximum in 2012 which, according to Broers, will have an extreme impact to our being and our consciousness. The NASA warnings astonishingly coincide with the old calculations of the Maya, which predict a final fundamental change in 2012. Based on current Astrophysics Research and the doctrines of the most gifted representatives in the astro-and quantum physics world, Broers impressively convinces that in the year 2012 a revolutionary shift in consciousness will produce a fundamental change, and will force people to wake up into a new dimension of being, and a higher state of consciousness.

Never had a UK screenning or been released in English, the UK Premiere will be at The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution, this upcoming weekend. Dieter Broers will give a talk and there will be also a Question and Answer session by Christian Köhlert, one of the film’s directors.


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