Are You Sleepwalking through Your Life?

I often awoke at 2 A.M. with a painful knot in my stomach that stayed there through the day and into the evening. I brought it to bed with me every night. I ate my lunch at my desk while texting on my “crackberry,” chatting on my cell phone, typing e-mails, and wolfing down a sandwich . . . all in five minutes. And I realized I had been doing that for almost 15 years.

Nonstop, overwhelming thoughts relentlessly raced through my head as I attempted to juggle so many different pieces of my life and finding unfulfillment at every turn. I craved peace of my mind. I craved a job with a purpose. I craved the depth of feeling I had known so well in my youth. I was light-years from that moment. I was sleepwalking through my life. My personal and work relationships were stressed and strained. I was waking up, burning through the day, performing my “job,” coming home, eating dinner, reading a book or watching TV, and passing out.

Are You Sleepwalking through Your Life? How to find your reason for being: a great testimony by Davidji, whose guided meditations never fail to inspire me. Any similarity with my own life is not mere coincidence: a few years ago, I also felt I was a “zombielike autopilot of an existence”, and even now, I am still learning to drive.


One thought on “Are You Sleepwalking through Your Life?

  1. So absolutely true. The Internet, smart phones and social networking were supposed to make life easier, and they have, but they’ve created a whole set of new problems as you describe – we’re switched on 247 and addicted to it. Thanks for the link – I’ll check it out!

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