There is Beauty in Not Knowing

If you can, spare five minutes to watch this video.

The simple beauty of a flower captivates artist and scientist alike. Where our world exists without answers, without definitions, we seek answers and definitions. Sometimes we find them but when we don’t, what does that mean? What does it say about us? What does it say about our existence? This short video explores the world through the eyes of Richard Feynman: emotional, visually beautiful, intellectually evocative.

Source: KarmaTube



When a train pulls into a station
it doesn’t become that station.

It merely stops there for a while
before moving on.

Whatever the circumstances in your life,
never forget what they are:

The train will move on.

Via Wonder, silence, gratitude.

I love the concept of impermanence, ‘this too shall pass’ is my motto for happy and sad days. Is there anything so true in the universe among those things we can understand?