To the reader who arrived here googling “come on inner peace i don’t have all day”

Dear reader,

Thank you for your query. I am sure you did not find the answer you were looking for here, but I hope you will come back and see this post I am writing especially for you.

Seeing your query reminded me of times when I searched the whole web for similar keywords, and answers to the meaning of *my* life. It wasn’t long ago, around 2008/2009. I was desperate, and I wanted inner peace quickly. I didn’t find any solutions anywhere in the whole web, but all that despair did lead me to the conclusion that I would have to work out the solutions on my own.

A while after that, I started my own journey of self-knowledge. I still have a long way to go, but right at the beginning, I realised it very clear: inner peace was not something that I could find anywhere in the world. I could not trade or buy it, nor could I find it on google. It does not come ready. Nobody can give it to me. It is not external. I need to find my own, inside myself. Well, it is called inner peace, after all.

It requires sowing and reaping a variety of seeds. In my own experience – and hope it can be of some help – one of the seeds for inner peace is to have a clean and clear conscience. To have a clean conscience, you need to be free of guilty. To be free of guilty, you must watch your actions very carefully – each and all of them, every minute – and check with yourself if they are OK with your own conscience.

Know your own values, ethics and principles so that you don’t run against them. Ask yourself why you are doing this or that. What for? Check your real intentions. Are they what you would expect of yourself? Think how your actions will affect other creatures. How would you feel in their place? Try to foresee the consequences of your actions. If at any time you find that the act in question will leave even a small red mark in your conscience, reconsider you actions.

With time, you will find your conscience will be clearer, guiding you towards your real self, and then you will start to notice the first symptoms of inner peace. Remember, with time. Be patient and kind to yourself, forgive yourself for past unconscious acts and start again fresh, these are good seeds too. You may need more than a whole day, perhaps a whole life time, but inner peace will come a little each day, or rather, be awakened inside yourself.

In other words, the path to inner peace requires mindfulness. It requires you to become more conscious of yourself. And again, it requires time. There is one thing that you can do quickly though, and it is to get started. Meditation and cultivating a contemplative attitude towards yourself and life will help you with that. It has helped me. I am slowly getting there. Hope you will too.

Light and love,

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